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Neutral Milk Hotel-Hollywood Bowl 9/18/14

I was offered last minute FREE nose bleed seats to attend! I was already planning on going to a second show that evening, but who can say no to free concert tickets? not this girl! I grabbed the next big NMH fan I could find and everything worked out perfectly. We met there right before they hit the stage. Not only that, on our way in some random guy was leaving the Hollywood Bowl and what played out next could have only happened in dreams:

Guy- Are you guys heading in there?

Us- Yeah! 

Guy- Here you go *hands us two tickets and walks away into the night never to be thanked or seen again* 

Us- *look at tickets, realize they are BOX SEATS, hugs and cheers*

So yeah, we really lucked out, got two sets of free tickets and had amazing seats to a great show! Hey random guy we never got to thank, if you are out there THANK YOU and let me know if I can ever give YOU tickets to a show. I def always do and will continue to pay my concert karma forward by handing out any extras I have or helping people out into sold out shows. 

Here are some illegal shots of NMH as Jeff does not allow photos. 




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Slow Magic-The Roxy 9/12/14

Ok first things first, I got to attend this show for FREE ninety nine thanks to this amazing new (also free) app called Loudie. Last I heard it is only available for I-phone. This app not only allows you to track all your favorite artists and see what shows your friends are going to but it also gives you access to free tickets! It’s an amazing interactive database where you can see live videos, comment on shows, see who is playing nearby and did I mention free tickets to concerts? cause that is happening! Go download it! 

To our wonderful surprise our tickets also came with these fancy VIP wristbands! Thanks Loudie and Goldenvoice! 

I found out about Slow Magic at the beginning of the year when he opened up for Emancipator. My mind was blow, I danced my butt off, we bonded over my Sigur Ros shirt and the rest is history. Fan for life. So obviously I have been telling everyone that will listen about this amazing artist. If you have not checked him out yet go ahead and give him a follow a like and a listen, you will not be disappointed. 

His new album How To Run Away was just released earlier this month and it’s…well…MAGIC! His masked imaginary friend persona combined with his very real and lively stage presence makes quite a show.

I love seeing the progression of an artist! Going from opening to headlining his own tour in just a few short months is quite an accomplishment. He had the entire Roxy dancing from the front all the way to the back bar. Everyone was going insane! Excellent music and vibes. I finally got some vinyl too, which I have been after for some time.

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FYF Fest-LA Sports Arena 8/24/14

I almost did not make it. I was scheduled to work all weekend, including Sunday evening. My main concern was making it inside for Blood Brothers. The festival stars aligned and miracle after miracle happened.

1. A super nice person I have never met before offered a FREE wristband for pick up in K town. 

2. I was let go from work early at 7:30pm

3. Zero traffic in Los Angeles!

4. I found a FREE parking spot within a block of the festival, the 1st spot on that block to be specific.

5. Made it to the Blood Brothers stage exactly at 9:30PM!!

6. Found my friend who bought me Spicy Pie. 

I took some crappy photos because I was way too far away, regardless, so thankful to have experienced this. 






So obviously by now you have heard, Blood Brothers were totally amazing!

Also caught the last bit of FlyLo!



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